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The Bridge 4 Us

Why should I become a member?

There are many benefits to membership and we encourage all clients to become members. One of the main benefits of becoming a member is the involvement of the professionals at The Bridge. While anyone can purchase gift boxes and cards to send to their family members on their own, members have the option for gifts and cards to be sent from The Bridge on their behalf. The Bridge sends a letter with the first card or gift inviting the alienated/estranged person to consider the possibility of reunification. The Bridge stands ready to reconcile when a family member responds to letter, card or gift.

In order for The Bridge to respond, a confidential client/coach relationship is necessary. This is why membership is important. 

Here is a part of the one page letter that is sent with the first card or gift.

The professionals at The Bridge understand the challenges of broken relationships. For a variety of reasons, family members become disconnected. At times, both have thought about reconnecting but don’t know what it would look like, how it would happen or where to start.

The Bridge helps adult children, parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents explore the possibility of reunification . If reunification is the choice, this confidential service will provide the skills and guidance necessary to reestablish the relationship and make it better than it’s ever been!

Family is worth fighting for . People can only hide, push aside or try to erase feelings and memories of rejected family members for so long. At some point the rejection of this family member will start having a negative impact on the one who rejected them. Feelings of insecurity, trusting others, self doubt and low self esteem are just some of the issues that people who have rejected a once loved family member face on a daily basis. The only real cure is to make the relationship right as much as each person is capable of doing.

Take a courageous step forward today and reach out to the professionals at The Bridge for a free consultation.

Membership benefits include:

Access to the Parent Pack Cards- These are cards sent by family and friends to encourage the alienated child to consider reconciliation. ( See the Parent Pack Tab) Although these are intended mostly for parents to reconnect with adult children, they can be worded to apply to other family members as well.

Discounts on Coaching Services

Discounts on customization of gifts and cards

Free consultations with the family member you are reaching out to

(This consultation is their request after they received an invitation to reconcile with you)

Access to the Letter that is sent with the first gift or card

Free first coaching call . This alone pays for your membership

Notifications of new gift boxes and cards

Membership is $100 and is good for a lifetime! Once you're in The Bridge Family, you are always family!


From an 18 year old girl who was reunited with her father through The Bridge after three years of separation.

"I never knew how much I could get and give love from all my parents. My dad is not the person I thought he was. He's actually pretty cool. My anxiety and depression have almost totally ended now that I have good relationships with both of my parents and step parents"

From an alienated mom

I had a falling out with my adult son and daughter in 2014. For three years neither would communicate with me. I thought my life was over. I contacted The Bridge for help. After several attempts, my daughter finally responded. Her words were hurtful and angry at first, but the professionals at The Bridge helped me to understand her and respond in a loving, relationship building way. In 2018 I spent a wonderful Christmas with my son, daughter and grandchildren. In 2019 I held my beautiful, newborn, twin, great granddaughters. There is hope for everyone.