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The Bridge 4 Us

Preparation for Reunification is a one hour video class. The class is essential for parents who are trying to reconnect with an alienated child. In the 60 minute video, parents will learn how to initiate conversations with an alienated child, how to recognize when a child is showing signs of wanting to reconnect, and how to successfully navigate the reunification process. The class is intended to be taken with a caring person in your life. This could be a friend, spouse, parent or another alienated parent. The purpose for this is so that when your child does start to show signs of returning to you, you have someone else who has been through the information and can remind you of the process and be a sounding board as you take steps forward. In the class, your questions will be answered so make sure to send your questions today. The class will be offered near the end of March and available for 45 days. You will be able to view it anytime and as often as you like in those 45 days.

Below is an email link in blue If you have questions about reconnection, are interested in the class or would like to sign up for it, click on the link and email your requests.

[email protected]