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The Bridge 4 Us

Parent Pack

“If one person can influence a child with many lies

then many people can influence a child with one truth.”

When it comes to a parent/child alienation situation, the one truth is that, there is a stable, safe and loving parent waiting to reunite .

The idea behind the Parent Pack is that alienated children, most likely, are not being influenced to reunite with a rejected parent. The cards in the Parent Pack are designed for friends and family of alienated parents to send to the alienated child, encouraging them to consider reunification. An alienated parent purchases these custom packs of cards and considers which family members and friends would send them to the alienated child on behalf of the rejected parent.

Most of these cards have strong words that are intended to be a wake up call to an alienated child. They prompt the adult child to think independently and reconsider decisions they made in their younger years.

These cards are designed for children 18 years and over. They are to be sent by the stable friends and family of a stable, alienated parent.

A stable person is free from drug and alcohol issues and responsible in their work and financial commitments. A stable parent has healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits.

Stable parents are prepared mentally and emotionally for the reunification process. They are ready to implement the information they received through coaching sessions so that when their child expresses an interest in returning, they will be ready and prepared to anticipate and manage the twists and turns of the restoration process.

Alienated parents are in a battle for their child. They can’t fight for their child as a wounded soldier. They need to be strong and ready. These parents need to remember that when their child returns, they will be carrying heavy emotional issues and will need help to resolve their problems. A destabilize parent, full of their own drama, unmanaged emotions and unresolved issues, will not be able to help the child and could possibly alienate the child farther or ruin chances of any type of meaningful relationship in the future.

At The Bridge we are not in the business of returning adult children to destabilized parents. The first step in reunification is first to become happy, healthy and whole as a person. Only then can an alienated parent provide the care and support that their child needs.

Most alienated parents believe that they will be OK when their child returns. The truth is they need to be OK before their child returns.

This is a difficult task but the professionals at The Bridge can help alienated parents get to a place where they can be healed, happy, whole and ready.

Your child deserves to have the best version of you when they return but more importantly you deserve to have the best version of you.

It’s going to take some work but together, we can do this!

These cards are only available to members who are safe, stable and who meet the reconnection criteria.

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