The Bridge 4 Us

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Humorous Cards

Sometimes we just need to laugh. These cards are intended for alienated children as well as for alienated parents/grandparents brothers and sisters to share with others. There should be a balance in sending messages. Sometimes a funny card among some more serious cards is effective in bringing about reconnection. Consider ordering these today. They will put a smile on your face as well.

Cards are $6.00 each and include postage and handling (in the USA) . Custom orders are an extra $2.00.  Cards can be mailed by a family member or can be sent from "The Bridge" along with a letter inviting the opportunity for reunification. Click here to order cards.

Humor FC01


Wishing you a fun

filled day!

Humor FC02
I came to my house. I told my dog...we laughed a lot!

I'm hoping that you have lots to laugh about today!

Humor  FC03


Hope all is working out

well for you today!

Humor FC04


The adult version of:

“Head, shoulders, knees and toes”


“Wallet, glasses, keys and phone”

Humor FC05

My childhood punishments have become my adult goals.

How things change.

Hope all your changes are good ones!