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The Bridge 4 Us

Many alienated parents and grandparent/ brothers or sisters don’t know what to send to an alienated child or family member. Some have very little information about these children they were once close to. These gift boxes provide a way for a parent or grandparent to reach out to a child with practical, meaningful items. Gift boxes are $50.00 which includes postage and handling. The boxes include items as shown or like items. These gift boxes can be sent directly to parents or grandparents to send to their children or they can be sent from "The Bridge" with a letter inviting them to reconnect.

Messages are important to send to a person who is alienated, but something they can actually hold and use is of great value as well. The gift boxes that are shown below are just some of the themes. Other themed boxes can be requested. These custom orders can include whatever items the client would like to add. Send a gift box today and remind your family member that they have someone that loves them very much.

*The Sports Box, University Box and Custom Designed Boxes are priced depending on the items that are requested .

Gift Card Box GB01

This is the box to give when you're just not sure what to give. A VISA or Amazon gift card are always good ideas. This box can be customized to include the gift cards that you select. When your child uses these, they will most certainly be thinking of you.

Sports Box GB02

The sports team box will have your child/grandchild ready to go for game day. Whether it’s a professional,college or high school team, the sports box can be customized with items that the parent/grandparent chooses.

Maybe there was a favorite team that you cheered on together with your child. What a great way to bring back a good memory. Prices on these boxes are variable depending on the cost of the items in the box.

The Travel Box GB03

The travel box provides your child or grandchild with the basics needed for a time away from home. Items include things like a travel pouch, hand sanitizer, kleenex, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, hand cream and gum. All items are approved for travel on a plane. Children and grandchildren of any age are bound to travel sometime. Why not supply them with the things they need? They will be thinking of you as they use these items.

The University Box GB04

The University Box is great for any college student. Acknowledging your child/grandchild’s attendance at a university is a way to show that you are proud of them. The college years are a significant point in a child/grandchild‘s life. If they are living away from home these may be important years to reach out. These University Boxes can be customized with items from any school or college. Prices on these boxes will be variable depending on the items in the box.

Fixer Upper Box GB05

This is the fixer-upper box. Who doesn’t need duct tape a tape measure and zip ties at some point in their early life? These are the basics that any young person needs in a dorm room, apartment or first home. Maybe you can remember doing some home-improvement projects with your child/grandchild. If you have a picture of your child or grandchild helping you with the project, it can be included in the gift box. As we work towards repairing relationships with words and actions we can help our children repair their spaces with duct tape and zip ties!

My First Place GB06

This was one of the first gift boxes that was created. Everyone needs these items no matter what stage of life they’re in. Whether your young person is just getting a start on their own or your child/grandchild has had an established home for a while, these are all very usable items. Cups, oven mitts, spatulas, mixing spoons, dish towels and measuring spoons are all necessary kitchen items. Send your child a unique and practical gift today!

The Beach Box GB07

You might have a child/grandchild who loves the beach. Sunglasses, sunscreen, beach towels and insulated cups are all items that will make your child/grandchild’s day in the sun more enjoyable. These young adults have undergone some tremendously painful experiences. It’s nice to provide them with some comfort items and encourage their time away to relax.

Student Box GB08

The student box has everything that your high school or college student will need . Items like highlighters, pens, pencils, tape, paper clips, post it notes and even a bag of munchies will help your child or grandchild to make it through any high school or college year. Imagine how many times your child or grandchild will think of you when they use these items. It’s a great way to start any school year or just to refurbish items that are used throughout the year. What a thoughtful, practical gift!

Beauty Box GB09

The beauty box was designed for young ladies who enjoy a little pampering. Some of your daughters and granddaughters were little divas. What a fun way to remember those early years of braiding hair and painting toenails. These are all items that girls of any age will enjoy. A nail kit, hairbrush, facial mask, lip gloss, shower gel,scrubby and even make up remover pads. This is a great gift to let her know that you think she’s beautiful inside and out!

Fitness Box GB10

Research shows that many young people in their 20s and 30s are more health minded than people their age were were a decade ago. This fitness box will help to encourage your child or grandchild's healthy habits. It’s filled with protein shakes, green tea, healthy snacks and even exercise equipment like a jump rope or stretch bands. As we work on our own healthy habits, let’s encourage our children to do the same!

Coffee Box GB11

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Some people just can’t live without it. If you have a child or grandchild that’s a coffee lover, this will be the box to send. It includes a coffee mug, creamer and a bag of coffee of your choice. A gift card from a coffee shop can also be included. This is a gift that will remind your child or grandchild of you first thing in the morning!

Halloween Box GB12

Coming soon!

Thanksgiving Box GB13

Coming soon!

Christmas Box GB14

Coming soon!