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The Bridge 4 US


The Bridge is a communication branch of Together Again Coaching designed to help reconnect family members who have broken relationships.  Regardless if the damage in the relationship was due to alienation, estrangement or other family fall out, the services provided by The Bridge will help restore a family. 

The Bridge has a full line of appropriately worded cards and themed gift boxes. These are cards and gifts you won't find anywhere else. They are designed to express the love and care in the heart of a parent/grandparent/ brother/sister and to prompt the heart and mind of an alienated/estranged family member to consider reunification. 

Cards created to bring about reunification are provided as well as cards for all occasions and holidays. Cards can be customized to include specially chosen items and photos. Each first card can be sent to an alienated family member with a letter from The Bridge informing them that the item is authentically from their parent/grandparent. brother/sister and sent by The Bridge. The letter encourages them to consider reunification and explains that there is a safe way home.  Members who are working with a coach will be able to view this letter before it is sent. 

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There are also cards for parents to send to other alienated parents and cards for grandparents as well.  One of our most popular card services is our Parent Pack.  This is a great way for family and friends to play a part in the reunification process. 

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The Bridge also offers a full line of coaching services for alienated and estranged parents/ grandparents/ brothers and sisters.   The Bridge not only provides services to those who are reaching out to reunify, but also offers coaching for those who have rejected someone. The Bridge provides coaching services to adults who are contemplating reunification with a parent/grandparent , brother or sister. The professionals at The Bridge will work with the adult child to investigate the opportunity of reconnection. If reunification is the choice, the communication system and skills necessary to move forward in the restoration process will be provided. 

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One of the packages that The  Bridge offers is a three to six month service where family members can work with a coach to choose cards and gift boxes that are appropriate for their child/brother/sister of any age.  The member makes the choices of gifts and cards that will be sent by The Bridge. The Bridge will send these chosen items on the designated dates for the next 3 or 6 months. This gives the parent/grandparent time to gain stability by taking a break from the emotional roller coaster involved in reaching out. During this three to six month period, the client can work with a coach to create a plan to enjoy life and restore peace and stability before entering back into personal communication with their child/grandchild/brother/sister .

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The Gift Boxes offered by The Bridge are also popular items.  A full line of themed Gift Boxes are available for purchase. These Gift Boxes have fun and practical items designed for 16-30 year olds.  Gift Boxes can also be customized. 

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If you are an alienated/estranged parent, grandparent, brother, sister or child and you need help, The Bridge is here for you.  There is help and hope for hurting people.   Email The Bridge today and get started on a solid path to renewal, restoration and reunification.